Totally Married (kids, family)
151 - Spiritual Crisis!

Elizabeth goes on quiiiite a journey in today's episode regarding spirituality and what "it all" means before she and Andy answer listener questions about romantic inexperience, whether or not to rescue a pup, and one of our all time favorite questions about hugging as a form of prostitution. Enjoy!

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150 - Madge Is Back!

Elizabeth and Andy celebrate this 150th episode of Totally Married (!) with a tale of their old friend, house ghost Madge, as well as some thoughts on Elizabeth's recent accessories choices and the lovely but weird texts she's been sending Andy. Then, they dive into listener questions about highschool relationship dramas, how to re-connect with a sister who has hurt you, and how to get your spouse to talk about his pain over the father that left him and the ongoing damage that has been left in the wake. Thank you to all the Laimeweds who have stuck with us through 150 episodes! Enjoy!

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149 - Crock Pot To The Rescue!

Happy Mother's Day Laimewads! Elizabeth and Andy discuss her first special day and how the gift giving went down (not without crying from laughing, or was it just crying?) Plus answers to listener questions and comments about crushes on co-workers, losing one's virginity in their twenties, whether or not to move to a new city for your spouse and his mental health, how to cope with a best friend's nightmare of a girlfriend, whether or not to intervene on a sibling who is making poor decisions for his future child, and how to break up with your hairstylist but keep the friendship going strong. Enjoy!

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148 - We're Going Down!

Andy regales us with a story from his recent business trip regarding flying and driving and death - all sorts of fun stuff! Then, he and Elizabeth answer listener questions about how to manage gift giving/buying when you share bank accounts, what to do about people (jerks?) who throw their older pets away, how to deal with depression and anxiety over death and loss, and how to react when someone's pregnancy might be stealing your wedding thunder. Enjoy!

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147 - Terrible & Horrible!

Welp if you are looking for a podcast that covers porn, poop, and jealousy plus a lot of other terrible and horrible things, look no further! Elizabeth and Andy discuss all of the above plus listener questions about finding a job for your heart as opposed to your bank account, ditching a friend who does shitty stuff and is toxic, and how to deal with jealousy that's due to an old relationship with a jerk. Enjoy!

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146 - Fantasy Land!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss fantasies and who the tallest/shortest person they've dated was (a riveting discussion :) before diving into listener questions about an illicit crush in the office place, why Elizabeth cares so much about rescuing dogs, and whether or not it's cool to bounce from a ten year long marriage because you are "bored with marriage". Enjoy!

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145 - Happy Birthday Andy!

It's Andy's 35th Birthday, (Happy Birthday Andy!) so naturally we discuss lying and when it's totally cool! Also we dive into listener questions about having children abroad, being pregnant at the same time as your sibling, how to proceed after professing your love to someone who is already spoken for, and how to deal with the bitter pill of rejection that comes with creative pursuits. Enjoy!

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144 - Tattoosin And Boozin'!

Elizabeth and Andy start today's episode with a few questions regarding tattoos, drinkin' and other behavior they might feel differently about now that they are parents before diving into listener questions about how to try to connect with a surly and absent sister in law and aunt, how to handle a "dog situation" with the neighbors, what to do about your own insecurities about pornography and masturbation that affect your partner, and whether or not to break up with a boyfriend whom you like in spite of the fact that he doesn't make you feel all that great about yourself. Enjoy!

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143 - Back And At 'Em!

It's week two into parenthood and we're back and at 'em with the listener questions about feeling sexually dis-satisfied in a year long relationship, what to do on a road trip to St. Louis, how to help a friend you think is being destructive sexually, whether it's possible to raise healthy kids as vegetarians, how to gracefully accept help from friends when you are down for the count, what steps to take to successfully start a freelance business, how to tell if a relationship is platonic or something more, how to handle a noisy dog when it's time to get intimate, and how to cope when your  girlfriend is going through a personal crisis? Enjoy!

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142 - A Tale Of Two Cheeks!

Introducing Theodora "Teddy" Mae Rosen! Laimeweds, we are in the throes of new parenthood - the elation, the exhaustion, the philosophical and the poop. We wanted to share our journey getting here with you all - the birth story, the feelings, how the animals are doing and what life has been like on this other side. Apologies if we're a little "slow" or "spacey" or "crying a lot" (elizabeth) ~ all of our energy has gone towards loving, obsessing over and staring at our perfect little bundle! We'll be back in our usual action someday... in the meantime, TEDDY! Enjoy!

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