Totally Married (kids & family)
180 - Decision Fatigue!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the concept of "decision fatigue" plus the burden of wealth as well as the recent "thing" Elizabeth did that made her feel oh so good. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about crushing on a coworker and fantasizing about them, and whether or not to share the details of a sordid bachelor party with your wife after the fact, even though you did not participate. Enjoy!

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137 - Keying Cars & Karma!

E and A discuss the recent bad news regarding their car :( as well as their productive day of getting ready for baby - Birth bag! Car seat! Annnnd... Padsickles? Then they answer listener questions about feeling hurt over not being a bridesmaid, navigating a difficult relationship that is heading towards co-dependency, finding new friends/relationships wherein you can discuss your emotions freely, how to convince your husband that couples therapy isn't only for the end, and lastly, how/when to tell potential partners that you have an STD when you are back in the dating game. Enjoy!

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