Totally Married

It's New Years Eve so Elizabeth and Andy talk resolutions, and discuss listener emails regarding getting out of a stuck relationship, whether or not you need a "why" when it comes to breakups and of course... strippers! Enjoy!

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Elizabeth makes a huge confession in today's post Xmas episode before she and Andy answer listener questions about financial support from parents, difficult exes and when the relationship is starting to feel like a one way street. Enjoy!

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It's Christmas eve, so naturally the topic of cat poop is delved into. Also, Andy and Elizabeth answer listener questions about xmas gifts, masturbation, and porn! MERRY CHRISTMAS! (if that's your thing...)

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In today's episode, Andy and Elizabeth do a quick check in before addressing some follow ups on guys in wheelchairs and soulmates before weighing in on listener questions about navigating your parents divorce, online dating, and last but not least, how to properly "suck" balls during sex! Enjoy!

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Are soulmates a thing? Andy and Elizabeth discuss this as well as listener questions about uptight friends, anniversary gifts, when self deprecating is a bit too deprecating and the validity of online friendships. Enjoy!

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The holidays are in the air and we are excited! Or at least, getting there. We discuss the xmas spirit, we finally have an answer (sort of) as to how the people in our house died, and we discuss listener questions about wedding guest lists and getting lost in translation. Enjoy!

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Sex, sex & more sex! Andy and Elizabeth share the very personal results from a sexual compatibility quiz and then answer listener questions about whether or not to take him back, and how to navigate couple friends when their relationship is in trouble. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy give a quick kitty update and talk today's news before diving into listener questions about how to be the most supportive friend when they're heading down a dark path, and what moving to LA to pursue creative work has been like. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy attempt to discuss Aliens and then venture into listener questions about handling sensitive information, dealing with loss, and documentary recommendations! enjoy!

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Andy finally shares the story of how he proposed in this episode! After that, we dive right into listener questions about calling each other out in public, and how to navigate the holidays both financially and emotionally. Enjoy!

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What phase is your relationship in? Andy and Elizabeth attempt (poorly) to break it down and answer listener questions about fertility, passion, and proposals. Enjoy!

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It's our first remote podcast and in true Vegas spirit we address gratitude, infedelity, and $$$ honey! Enjoy!

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Sometimes in marriage as in life, things get hard. Today's episode addresses some of these times after Elizabeth's had an emotional day and our questions point to the tougher times. We all have them, we might as well get through them together!

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Andy's a sick pup today so Elizabeth and him discuss how sickness should be handled in marriage and in their future. They also address listener questions about bullying, sex, and how to move on. Enjoy!

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Today is all about staying positive! Elizabeth and Andy discuss how they can use a little help in that department - In life and love. The positivity spills over into our listener questions about wanting to stay un-married, love and money, and how to make long distance work. Enjoy!

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What do our dreams mean? In this ep, Elizabeth and Andy try to tackle this question as well as answer listener questions about calling "dibs" in dating, making friends in a new city, not liking your friend's significant others, and oh yeah... the miracle drug that is CIALIS!!! Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy tackle the idea of choices and how they relate to gossip and negativity. Also, listener questions about family and supporting a friend through grief are addressed as well as the precarious balance that is gift giving! enjoy!

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In this verrrry spooky episode, Elizabeth and Andy share their scary tales as well as listen to two ghost stories from listeners. Buckle your freak-out seatbelts for it's going to be a scarrrrry ride!

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What starts with Mariah Carey and ends with jealous husbands? THIS EPISODE! Elizabeth and Andy discuss pop superstars and then delve into some awesome listener questions about taking leaps in life and how couples handle one another's successes. Be sure to stop by on Wednesday for our Halloween special!

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With Halloween around the corner, Elizabeth breaks some news to Andy about the haunted status of their home! Also, they answer listener questions regarding maturity, jealousy, and equality. Ya know, all the light stuff! Enjoy!

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It's an early morning edition of Totally Married so, naturally, a true crime documentary about murder and how that applies to our marriage is discussed. We also answer questions about "dating" friends, crushes that don't crush back, and how we felt about marriage growing up! Enjoy!

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Death, scrapbooks, divorce! Elizabeth and Andy jump around wildly different topics but it all leads to one absolute: marriage is awesome and ya gotta dive into it with the assumption that it's all gonna be A-okay! Enjoy!

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Making and keeping friends becomes a different thing when you're an adult, not to mention, married. In today's episode Elizabeth and Andy discuss navigating friendships at this stage in the game and also answer listener questions about green cards, best friends of the opposite sex, and pianos! Enjoy!

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It's our second episode and we're diving right on in to the forbidden territory of self love! Masturbation and how it affects a marriage is discussed, as well as wheelchair fetishes, and the age old question: to porn or not to porn? Enjoy!

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It’s the first episode of Totally Married and we’re off to a fun start! We answered your questions about when to have the boyfriend/girlfriend talk, and is 28 years long enough to stick in a marriage? Listen in for the sage advice from totally unqualified people!

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