Totally Married (general)

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their recent and wonderful podcast-related golden nugget before diving into listener questions about whether or not to share your "number" if it's higher than your partner might be comfortable with, whether choosing to not have kids makes you a bad person, how to deal with a sister who can't get her shit together and lastly, how to cope with wanting kids when your partner's been down that path already? Enjoy!

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Andy and Elizabeth reveal their "I love you" numbers to each other before discussing the best gift Elizabeth's ever received. Then they answer listener questions about living at home in your twenties, how to balance two ambitious spouses pursuing demanding careers, whether to risk losing a friendship by sharing your feelings, and two of our fave topics in marriage: religion and sexuality! Enjoy!

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Elizabeth gives Andy a shout out for his latest husband hero moment before they discuss listener questions about dating profile user names, how to manage the "i love yous" in a newly serious relationship, how to navigate adopting a dog when a baby is on the scene, whether moving to a music hub is the right choice for an engineer, how to move on after a breakup, and lastly, is not having tons of friends normal/okay? Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy are fresh off their trip to Boise, Idaho! The discuss white water rafting, Elizabeth's re-ignited fear of flying and then answer listener questions about online/offline dating, to cheat or not to cheat, whether to get out there in the online dating world after being widowed, and what to do when your best friend's tongue is consistently down her boyfriend's throat. in public. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth explains why the gym just ain't cutting it and makes an announcement regarding her future physical endeavors before she and Andy dive into not one but TWO voicemails as well as answer listener questions about how to handle jealousy between Mom and Mom-in-law, whether or not it's weird to be proud of someone for graduating highschool, and if it's a good idea to reach out to an ex friend for closure a year after the falling out. Enjoy!

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Andy and Elizabeth check in after a whirlwind three days that have resulted in some of Andy's professional endeavors coming into new focus. Then they answer listener questions about making adult friends, adoption versus making human babies, the music biznass, and how to find a compatible partner. Lastly, Elizabeth gets all self conscious about this episode for some reason! Enjoy!

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All hail the Volvo! Elizabeth and Andy discuss the new love of their lives as well as answer listener questions about Facebook update etiquette in relationships, how to navigate raising kids in a veggie/non veggie household, whether or not to continue a crush that requires booze, and how to handle a spouse who's social behavior is vastly different from your own. Enjoy!

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E and A discuss the recent "wild night" they had (for them) before diving into listener questions about when people differ on their religious beliefs in a relationship, how to support a loved one after a traumatic change to their physique, how to compromise on both the quantity and quality of sex in a relationship, and some really important info regarding our favorite characters from The Wire. Omar Back. Enjoy!

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Andy made a questionable personal hygiene choice and shares what the fallout has been, as well as a discussion about negativity before answering listener questions about dealing with grief in a couple, fighting the engagement blues, whether or not to be honest about your "number", how to deflect negativity, and what to do when your partner's relationship with someone else doesn't feel quite right. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy share tales of "quitting" things - the bank, the gym. Then they dive into listener questions about coming out to your parents, how to help a family member who has cut themselves out of the family, how to make friends with younger people at school/work, whether or not to stay in a difficult long distance relationship, to religion or not to religion with kids, and many more. Enjoy!

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