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Elizabeth and Andy discuss why she embarrassed him in their class as well as Andy's recent foray into the world of virtual assistants before they answer listener questions about what's "Totally" about Los Angeles, how to be there for a friend who clearly has major reservations about her relationship, what to do about those old "circus friends" of yours when your life has taken a different path, and lastly, do men only love bitches? What's up with that? Enjoy!

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It's the first hour long episode of Totally Married! Elizabeth and Andy check in about how her NY's resolutions have already taken a hit, as well as discuss other insecurities before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about whether or not to suggest to a long time friend/hook up buddy to take things to the next level, what to do when your boyfriend shows signs of an alcohol problem, and how to deal with a spouse who showed up empty handed at Christmas. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year Laimeweds! Andy and Elizabeth discuss their New Year's resolutions as well as drop a big FYI bomb - they are drinking their own kool aid! (and it tastes great!) Plus listener questions about dating when you're introverted, how to connect with your partner when there seems to be little communication, and lastly and particularly powerful (mwah ha ha) question about flatulence! Wishing you all a fantastic start to 2014 -  Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss their Christmas holiday as well as how they discovered that the one thing they definitely have in common is a former love for the bands Prodigy and Kid Rock! Then they answer listener questions about supporting a mom who has a hoarder sister, what to do when you are ready to get married and settled down to a perpetual peter pan, how to be supportive for a partner when you don't agree with his perspective, and lastly, what to do when the man you love and have been married to for seven years wants a divorce. Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas Laimeweds! We discuss our Christmas morning plans as well as well as some under-the-covers plans (mwah ha ha) before diving into answering listener questions about jealousy over work friends, thinking of loved ones who have passed away during the holidays, what to do when your boyfriend(s) don't seem to want to go "downtown", and how to navigate very close opposite sex friendships. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss their vastly different reactions to their recent Christmas card snafu as well as get into an in depth discussion about birth choices (more on that topic on Totally Mommy dropping in January!) Then they answer listener questions about high school crushes on friends, how to handle a brother who is marrying someone barely legal and is a general nightmare, how to explain to your future in laws why your brother is rolling in dough when it involved the growing of some very special "herbs", and lastly, should you take a standup comedy class for the fun of it? Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy check in about their vastly different Christmas prep before answering listener questions about putting up boundaries with roommates, getting help with an out of sorts dog that isn't even your own, what to do if you're struggling with binge eating, how to honor a loved one who has passed away, how to be supportive to someone when you can't relate to what they are going through, and what to do about work when you're just not feeling it where you are? Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss the lessons she learned about making assumptions and how the recent dog conundrum played out. Then, they answer listener questions about a guy who wants to give good advice to his friend after a breakup, what a good Christmas gift might be for the guy who has everything, what to do when your husband promised to move in the future but won't budge now that the time has arrived, and lastly a very interesting question about how to navigate your husband's anxiety disorder when it directly impacts your ability to pursue your dreams. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss what's taking place in their house that is sending Elizabeth into a bit of a tailspin as well as ask the listeners for help on a precarious dog situation. Then they answer listener questions about how to be a compassionate co-worker when your colleague is going through hell, what to do when your boyfriend won't stop talking to a girl who is in love with him, how to navigate the holiday drinking when you are secretly pregnant, how to throw a fun wedding and reception on a budget, how to include your newly-mothered best friend in your birthday festivities and lastly, why does talking on the phone suck so bad and MUST you always call to ask someone out on a date?! Enjoy!

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Elizabeth shares her food memory to an un-impressed Andy before they dive into listener questions about handling a stressful visit to your dysfunctional family over the holidays, choosing between a nice guy boyfriend and the ex who wants back in, how Andy's parents feel about being grandparents from so far away, and being a 25 year old virgin who is afraid of being perpetually single. Enjoy!

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