Totally Married
208 - It's Heatin' Up!

Elizabeth and Andy get silly due to the blazing hot heat that might be going to their heads before diving right on into listener questions about dating in your own area code, whether to move across country before or after your wedding, how to get your spouse and parent to be civil with each other, how to get your husband let your sister's rude comments to not affect him, whether or not to stay in a relationship that requires constant apologies and walking on eggshells, and lastly how to handle a financial conundrum that has you tied into helping your parents for a mistake they made on your behalf. Enjoy!

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207 - Preach, Lady, Preach!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their reaction to the murders in Charleston this week, as well as how Media has been forced to change due to technology and why that gives us some hope. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about what to do with a dog during a complicated move, whether or not there's love out there for someone who is suffering from chronic illness, how to navigate a family wedding that your live in boyfriend is not invited to, how to get your partner to understand your work hours when they very greatly from his, and lastly, are there any fun euphemisms out there that you Laimweds are using for Sunday Funday? If so, let us know in the comments! Enjoy!

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206 - Big News!!

Elizabeth and Andy start this episode off by sharing their mega, big earth-shattering news! Then they dive into giving their unqualified advice to so many great listener questions about how to stave off the engagement pressure in a young couple, what to plan for in moving to a new city on the fly, how to be supportive of a spouse who is teaching a subject you want to know more about, what, if any boundaries need to be in place with a lesbian friend, how to end a toxic friendship, is anyone hiring in LA, and lastly, how to react to an ex husband, baby daddy who is ridiculously immature and hurtful? Enjoy!

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205 - Caitlyn Jenner And God!

Elizabeth tells Andy about why Caitlyn Jenner's transformation has her believing again, they discuss why they are potentially going through midlife crisis' and of course, they give their unqualified advice to listener questions! Listeners wrote in with questions about parental knowledge about sex when you and their son are living together, what to do about a relationship that is on track for something great but still has a few red flags, how to stop an old crush from appearing in your dreams frequently, and lastly how to make real friendships that stick? Enjoy!

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204 - Spooky White In Da House!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their more far-fetched dreams as well as some of the awesome AMAZON love they've gotten from their listeners! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about helping a sibling realize they need to get a paternity test and some legal docs to protect themselves, how to navigate a friends' ugly divorce when you see both sides and want to be protective of both of them, how to make new friends after becoming newly single from a seven year toxic relationship, and lastly what to do when a friend might be developing feelings for you that aren't there, and how to put up boundaries without ruining the friendship? Enjoy!

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