Totally Married
203 - A Pain In The Back!

Tales of the chiropractor, updates on ben wa balls, and details on the "kill" Ramona, the murderous cat acquired today start this episode. Then Elizabeth and Andy give their unqualified advice to listener questions about whether or not men and women can just be friends, how to approach a spouse about his sleeping habit affecting family time, what's the deal with a mother who mouths all the words as you say them, whether to stay in a relationship with someone who is unable to maintain an erection, and lastly, what do Elizabeth and Andy do to "get in the zone" creatively? Enjoy!

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202 - Feminine Troubles!

Squeamish warning: Elizabeth and Andy discuss tampons and butt stuff (what else?) on today's episode before doling out their unqualified advice on some great listener questions about bachelor party expectations, how to start writing sketches, whether to stick in it with a guy who seems distant early on, how to get your houseguests to take reasonable showers, and lastly, to move or not to move for your beau? Enjoy!

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201 - Same Old Stories Better With Time!

Elizabeth and Andy revisit some old favorite stories (her foray into internet gotcha's, and his foray into outdoor shitters) before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to navigate letting your partner know that you are eager to get married and settle down sooner than he is, what to do when your friend is the OTHER woman, if/how to intervene when your sister is in a toxic relationship, and how to cope with two co-dependent parents, one of whom is a narcissistic a-hole? Enjoy!

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200 Episodes & Counting!

Yay 200!! We celebrate by discussing how Andy might be very inadequate and Elizabeth is a huge b-word. From there comes tales of bathroom horror, and feedback feelings before we tackle two glorious listener questions about betrayal within a relationship when your partner is the shoulder for someone else to lean on, and how to decide if life with a creative partner who is pursuing their dreams but not offering much stability is for you. Enjoy!

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