Totally Married
199 - Haunted House For Rent!

Elizabeth and Andy segue from dreams to haunted mansions (shout out to Elizabeth's mom and the Demenil Mansion in St. Louis!) to why Ruby is wearing lentil soup before they dive into a bunch of awesome questions. They give their unqualified advice on whether to go for your goals even if it means suffering financially for a while, how to handle a mom friend who oscillates from needy to flakey, whether or not to spay/neuter your pup (YES TO THAT!) how to handle the fallout after a miscarriage and lack of communication in a marriage, whether wedding etiquette requires a dinner out after the wedding, how to handle a rocky relationship with a bipolar, alcoholic mother, what to do about hurtful comments from the in-laws, and lastly how to handle a familial childcare situation when it may strain a sibling relationshp? Enjoy!

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198 - Don't Say Funky Funky!

Elizabeth and Andy dive into listener questions today right off the bat because there are so many great ones! They discuss therapy, sexual frustrations in a relationship, whether or not to make a long distance relationship work for your career, and then a doozy regarding how much to let your untreated bi-polar mother into your life after a traumatic childhood. Enjo

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197 - Happy 36th Birthday Andy!

It's Andy's birthday! To celebrate we discuss gettin' old, old people memes, and why things can definitely still be "bitchin". Then we give shout out to our listeners amazon purchases, and give our wildly unqualified advice to listener questions about how to get over heartbreak, what to do about a spouses career planning when it feels as though you are not a part of it, and lastly, a discussion question regarding parents and separations. Enjoy!

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196 - Dream A Little Dream!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the importance of dreams in their lives (not the sleeping ones) as well as a few interesting documentaries they've seen before diving into listener questions about young love developing over text first, how to set boundaries with parents who are helping financially, what to do about an ex who doesn't seem to have moved on, how to heal from past hurt from your partner regarding family planning, and lastly, what to do about a work friend who is bumming your scene? Enjoy!

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