Totally Married
186 - Anxiety Pod!

Happy Monday! Elizabeth and Andy discuss the end of Totally Laime plus Andy's prediction that Elizabeth will smoke in the next six months before answering listener questions about how to spice up ones love life with a long term partner (and whether or not that can/should involve threesomes), how to handle your partner's baby mama drama, what thoughts Elizabeth and Andy have on pursuing creative careers and entrepreneurship, and lastly, should a highschool student make the move on his crush when his time is running out? Enjoy!

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Happy Meownday! Today's episode is brought to you by two sickos! We discuss a roller coaster ride of finality, and a business conversation Andy had that involved meowing from multiple people before diving in with our unqualified advice to listener questions about how much is too much help for a grown sibling, how to handle favoritism towards your sister in law from a mother in law, what to do about a best friend who is unsupportive of your romantic relationship, and lastly how's a girl with two kids in a small town supposed to meet a man? Laimeweds, leave your suggestions in comments! Enjoy! 

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184 - Let's Get Wild And Spacey!

Today's episode starts with an in depth discussion between Elizabeth and Andy about the after life, space, and how the movie WILD moved Elizabeth. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about age restrictions on marriage, when you know it's right,  whether marriage is needed to feel committed, how to handle an incredibly overbearing future mother in law, and how to sort out little household compromises when first moving in together. Enjoy!

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183 - A Barfy And Happy New Year!

Happy 2015, Laimeweds!! Hope yours is off to a less barfy start than ours. We discuss our New Years mottos as well as some recent run-ins with weirdos before giving our unqualified advice to listener questions about dealing with a sick spouse who won't take charge of his health when baby is on the way, how to handle a tricky inheritance situation that has loads of hurt feelings attached, what to do about the desire to leave your marriage when there's nothing wrong on paper, how to handle unwarranted jealousy in a relationship, and whether or not to leave a toxic job that pays the bills but is wreaking emotional havoc. Enjoy!

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