Totally Married

Happy almost New Years, Laimeweds! Elizabeth and Andy discuss all the things... gratitude and who's happier and oy vey, racism, before giving their super unqualified advice to listener questions about feeling too dependent on one's family in your twenties, getting help with mental illness when your family isn't supportive, how to overcome serious body insecurities to jump into dating, and how to handle a boyfriend who is a jekyll hyde when it comes to socializing. Love to you all -  Happy New Year and Enjoy!

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Happy Holidays Laimeweds! Let the eggnog flow, the mistletoe inspire and the love fill your hearts! We love you! We discuss Christmas spirit, more post office run ins and why Andy has decided to take a phone break from social media. Then we answer listener questions about moving back in together after a breakup, how to handle a racist grandma, how to find love as a gay blind person in NYC, and lastly, what to do when your spouse is a giver in his heart but not a GIVER in the bedroom, if you know what we mean. Enjoy!

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180 - Decision Fatigue!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the concept of "decision fatigue" plus the burden of wealth as well as the recent "thing" Elizabeth did that made her feel oh so good. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about crushing on a coworker and fantasizing about them, and whether or not to share the details of a sordid bachelor party with your wife after the fact, even though you did not participate. Enjoy!

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Christmas Prep Squad!

Happy Christmas prep day, Laimeweds! Andy and Elizabeth discuss the joys of getting the season started as well as one of their main differences in life philosophies as proven by muffins. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to cope when a friend has snubbed your wedding invitation, how to heal after realizing your father is an asshole/narcissist, how to learn to trust people or know when people have good intentions after you’ve been hurt too many times, whether or not to go to see an ailing loved one when a sibling who was abusive will be there and will wreak havoc on the experience, and lastly, whether or not to stay with a partner who is just sort of “there”.

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178 - Gobble Gobble!

Happy Post-Thanksgiving Laimeweds! We discuss our lessons in gratitude and psychic ability before giving our unqualified advice to some awesome listener questions about money and marriage, going on vacation with a boyfriend's friend's family, what a good gift is for a special someone who thinks they are just a friend, what to make of a partner who is totally unsupportive of your passions, whether or not to continue paying for a niece's lessons when her mom spends her money on more frivolous things, and lastly how to deal with a fiance who seems unenthused about the upcoming wedding? Enjoy!

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