Totally Married
177 - Planta Gratis!

Want some free plants or some planta gratis? Elizabeth and Andy discuss one of the many reasons why they adore their landlord before giving plenty of super unqualified advice to listener questions about finding ways to cope with anger issues, how to handle a toxic long term friendship, how to meet other lesbians in a small southern town, whether or not to switch majors in college to something you're passionate about (film, in this case) or stay the course to please your family, finding a way to let your coworkers know you are reading their mouths because of hearing issues, not because they have food stuck in their teeth, and lastly, how to handle friends who are still stuck in party mode when you are heading towards happy grown-ups-ville? Enjoy! 

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176 - Totally Married Love Connection!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss listener comments and follow ups plus the awesome opportunity for Elizabeth’s dream come true - a totally married love connection! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to handle a Dad’s new girlfriend at your wedding, whether to maintain friendships that induce social anxiety, how to be supportive to a spouse with mental illness and self esteem issues, and how to move on after a devastating break up from a  six year relationship when you are still living together. Enjoy!

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175 - Permission To Give Permission!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss being "in the zone" before Andy poses a question about how to put someone in their place in a creative way regarding toilet paper. Then they give their UNQUALIFIED advice to listener questions about how to deal with insomnia, how to increase willpower when it comes to healthy eating, what to do about a husband's job that takes him out of town indefinitely, how to forge a stronger bond with siblings who are already bonded, and lastly what is the protocol with birth control after babies and who has to step up? Enjoy!

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174 - I Hate Him Fantasies!

Happy post Hallow's Eve Laimeweds! In this episode we discuss our adorable car moment as well as Elizabeth's recent run in with our street's resident ghost hunter. Then we discuss listener questions/updates about a much needed divorce from an abusive relationship, the small world update on a trash bag best friend who cheats, a question about office friendships, a question about disliking a best friend's beau, a question about how to defend/explain one's vegetarianism, a question about a toxic friendship that is making a re-entry and lastly a question about a boyfriend's trash bag friend who has gots to go! Enjoy!

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