Totally Married
173 - Time Travel To The Max!

Elizabeth and Andy check in after/before their recent (future) trip to Chicago and discuss... ya know... time travel! Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to broach a discussion about money and inheritance with a financially sensitive partner, whether or not to go through with a Tinder sex-romp with a virgin who is much younger, how to distance yourself from an emotionally draining friendship, and lastly a question about handling a roommate situation when their boyfriend and his friends are a little too comfy. Enjoy!

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172 - You are a B! And you are a W!


Elizabeth regales Andy with the tale of the trash bag of the week, a woman who called Elizabeth both a bitch AND a whore at the United States Post Office. Then they answer listener questions about staying for love or leaving for home, what is newly dating sex etiquette from a guys and girls perspective, what to do when your partner is in a different life stage than you and wants more commitment than you can give, how to handle a boyfriend who is still in a co-dependent relationship with his ex, plus an interesting tidbit from a listener about our favorite topic: bald vaginas! Enjoy! 

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171 - Decidedly Anti-Shunning!

Elizabeth and Andy check in after the big announcement episode of Totally Laime - also Elizabeth shares some exciting news on the work front before she describes a scene she watched that involved, a man, his hat, and an outdoor potty break. Then they answer listener questions about making friends when you live abroad, whether or not to invest in a relationship that would be long-distance, how to cope with being shunned from one's religious family, how to inspire a spouse to get fitter without trash bag behavior, how to find a reputable therapist, and lastly a question about pursuing a creative field and overcoming self doubt and procrastination. Enjoy!

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170 - The Secret Email Trick!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss her recent success with a secret email trick (to be used sparingly!) before they discuss listener questions about whether or not to tell a current boyfriend about the ten person orgy you had, what to do about knowing that a friend's partner has cheated on them with another friend, how to give a heartfelt wedding speech, how to approach sex and relationships in college when you've never been kissed, how to politely disengage from a porch-parker, and lastly what to do about wedding party lodging for your destination wedding? Enjoy!

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