Totally Married
169 - Off Our Game!

Elizabeth and Andy fumble their tired way through a check-in and discussion before doling out some highly unqualified advice to listener questions about man etiquette when cohabitating with a woman, how to handle your spouse needing a job that would require commuting, how to move on past a difficult divorce and find your spark again, whether or not to maintain a relationship with neices and nephews whose mother and father are no longer in your life, and lastly, what to do about a "friendship" that teeters on the edge of being something more? Enjoy!

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168 - When Your Friend Cheats!

After a hefty  (and well deserved) plug for Andy's new podcast dropping this week (Totally Beverages & Sometimes Hot Sauce!) Elizabeth and Andy dive into a bevy of listener questions about what's the deal with public hair grooming these days, how to handle navigating a new relationship when his last one ended in mystery, what to do when your partner leaves for long stretches of time without being in touch and doesn't feel the need to justify or apologize, what to do about the vegan in the dinner group, how to motivate a spouse to join you in a journey to good health, and lastly, what does one do when you are questioned by your bestie's girlfriend about whether or not he's cheating... When he is, and she's your friend too. Enjoy!

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167 - Scaturday Morning!

I guess the title says it all? Andy and Elizabeth discuss some scat before discussing at length some awesome and interesting follow ups to last week's episode. Then they dive into giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about what to do about a spouse who won't pull his weight financially, what is the most polite way to break up with someone, where do middle class families live in LA, and lastly, from last week's teaser - how to navigate the fine line between fantasy and social obligation? Enjoy!

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166 - The Magical Bag!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their recent voyage and why Elizabeth feels not worthy of a newly acquired accessory before discussing listener questions about moving into an inherited hoarder house with your partner, how to recover from a massive blow to one's sexual self esteem in the marriage, and whether or not to take the risk to make a living doing what you love versus staying in the safe financial spot but not enjoying the work. Enjoy!

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165 - A Passive Aggressive Note!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss his recent "alleged" impulse purchase at Spencer's gifts before diving in with their unqualified advice to listener questions about introducing more sex into the relationship, how to handle a volatile neighbor who might be neglecting their dogs, what to do about wedding gift etiquette when you're not invited to the actual wedding, how to handle a strained relationship with a father after he betrayed the whole family, and lastly, what to do about a boyfriend of two years who still introduces you as "his friend." Enjoy!

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