Totally Married
160 - Unapologetically Himself!

Andy and Elizabeth discuss why some people don't seem to be very warm to Andy when they are to other people, before answering listener questions about finding new love after divorce and kids, what to do when two people with illnesses are in a marriage and need care of their own, whether or not to proceed with a rekindled friendship when the friend's partner leaves a lot to be desired, how to handle division of household duties with a partner who is also handling the bulk of childcare, how to move on from an ex relationship that still takes up a lot of brain space even though the new relationship is a happy one, and lastly, what's the most graceful way to break up with a long term boyfriend when there's been cheating involved. Enjoy!

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159 - Pathological Liars!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the fun and light topic of pathological liars and what happens when you find something out about someone that changes your entire perspective on them. Then they answer listener questions about how to deal with a negative nelly sister, what to do when someone puts DICK PILLS in your tea (first ever punked post?), how to move on from a major infidelity by your husband of fourteen years, and what to do when your partner and you want to live in different cities. Enjoy!

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158 - The Dumbest Thing Ever Said!

Freshly back from their Oregon vacay, Elizabeth and Andy discuss the good times before Elizabeth says literally the dumbest thing she or anyone has ever said. Then they discuss follow ups before giving their un-qualified advice to listener questions regarding a cheating/toxic friend (trash bag) and whether or not to intervene, or give advice to a friend who is in a ne

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157 - Invention-ness!

In this pre-recorded episode, Elizabeth and Andy discuss her "passion" for inventing before diving into listener questions about what to do when you see an overheated dog in a car, whether or not it's a good idea to hook up with your weed dealer, how to get your husband to compliment your postpartum bod without fishing for compliments, what to do if you are the only giver in a relationship, whether it's a good idea to continue a relationship with the family members of an ex, and lastly, how to cope when your spouse suffers from erectile dysfunction? Enjoy!

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