Totally Married
156 - What's Up Portland!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the major repercussions to her over enthusiastic responses to people before diving into listener questions about whether or not there's a "girl code" in a friends with benefits relationship, what Andy's suggestions are for visiting Missoula, MT, if it's appropriate to take over an elderly dog's care (or euthanasia) for a grandmother suffering from Alzheimer's, what E and A's feelings are in about living with constant dread about the other shoe dropping in life, if one should pay close attention to social cues during a threesome, and lastly how do you know if a relationship is worth fighting for? Enjoy!

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155 - Don't Be A Trash Bag!

In this 3-parter episode (broken up in chunks due to a power outage and a crying baby - sorry!) Elizabeth and Andy discuss their latest foray into "the good life" (A chef! Pilates! Central Air! Oh wait, nevermind) before diving into listener questions about division of labor amongst couples (how do I get him to do anything?!) whether or not it's appropriate to share this filthy podcast with a respectable female friend, whether or not Andy and Elizabeth still share their one gratitude a day with each other, if a relationship is moving too fast when it's happening before the previous divorce is final, how to reconnect with a dad who has a new ball and chain, and then a doozy of a question about a husband who might not be willing to stay in the relationship if the wife is unable to conceive. Enjoy!

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154 - Use The Word Mommy!

E and A discuss their recent misadventures to the Children's Hospital ER before diving into an important follow up regarding a gent and his "escort" plus new listener questions about whether or not it's possible to be in love with two people at once, how to deal with a hoarder mother in law, whether a young long distance relationship is worth it, whether or not to act on a crush on your boss, how to ask for more day to day communication from you partner, how to find a kick ass couples therapist, and lastly, what to do when your boyfriend is a little (a lottle!) bit too connected to his mommy? Enjoy!

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153 - Suckitude!

No denying it, today is a sucky day for Elizabeth but Andy helps her put things into perspective per usual! Then they answer listener questions about whether or not "he's the one" if marriage isn't an exciting proposition, how to deal with a brother in law's relationship with your spouse that is drama-filled, what it was like moving from St. Louis to the big city(ies!), how to handle a "scheduled" breakup with friends and the social engagements around it, and lastly, is it okay to skip a wedding if you're not feeling up to it? Enjoy!

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152 - Purple Dildo Surprise!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss the follow up to her spiritual crisis as well as their latest heated discussion regarding black out shades. Then they dive into listener questions about surprise purple dildos, functioning in a relationship where the conversation has stalled, and how to cope with a boyfriend who is great in every way except that he's a total slob and doesn't take care of himself. Enjoy!

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