Totally Married
147 - Terrible & Horrible!

Welp if you are looking for a podcast that covers porn, poop, and jealousy plus a lot of other terrible and horrible things, look no further! Elizabeth and Andy discuss all of the above plus listener questions about finding a job for your heart as opposed to your bank account, ditching a friend who does shitty stuff and is toxic, and how to deal with jealousy that's due to an old relationship with a jerk. Enjoy!

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146 - Fantasy Land!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss fantasies and who the tallest/shortest person they've dated was (a riveting discussion :) before diving into listener questions about an illicit crush in the office place, why Elizabeth cares so much about rescuing dogs, and whether or not it's cool to bounce from a ten year long marriage because you are "bored with marriage". Enjoy!

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145 - Happy Birthday Andy!

It's Andy's 35th Birthday, (Happy Birthday Andy!) so naturally we discuss lying and when it's totally cool! Also we dive into listener questions about having children abroad, being pregnant at the same time as your sibling, how to proceed after professing your love to someone who is already spoken for, and how to deal with the bitter pill of rejection that comes with creative pursuits. Enjoy!

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144 - Tattoosin And Boozin'!

Elizabeth and Andy start today's episode with a few questions regarding tattoos, drinkin' and other behavior they might feel differently about now that they are parents before diving into listener questions about how to try to connect with a surly and absent sister in law and aunt, how to handle a "dog situation" with the neighbors, what to do about your own insecurities about pornography and masturbation that affect your partner, and whether or not to break up with a boyfriend whom you like in spite of the fact that he doesn't make you feel all that great about yourself. Enjoy!

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