Totally Married
138 - Freebie Freeze-Out!

Elizabeth and Andy discuss his newest costco purchase/foray into "health" before diving into some very interesting listener questions about our Freebie's, how to navigate requesting money owed to you from relatives, how to move past a betrayal in a relationship, what to do in a relationship when one partner is hyper critical of the other, and whether leaving your home, relationship, friends and family to pursue a dream is really worth it. Enjoy!

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137 - Keying Cars & Karma!

E and A discuss the recent bad news regarding their car :( as well as their productive day of getting ready for baby - Birth bag! Car seat! Annnnd... Padsickles? Then they answer listener questions about feeling hurt over not being a bridesmaid, navigating a difficult relationship that is heading towards co-dependency, finding new friends/relationships wherein you can discuss your emotions freely, how to convince your husband that couples therapy isn't only for the end, and lastly, how/when to tell potential partners that you have an STD when you are back in the dating game. Enjoy!

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Whoa nelly! Elizabeth and Andy discuss the heated conversation inspired by episode 135 regarding racism as well as Andy's potentially new diagnosis before answering listener questions about thank you note etiquette in friendships and what to do when that goes awry, whether or not Elizabeth and Andy took the babymoon they'd discussed, how to deal with feelings of betrayal when a parent is unfaithful to your other parent, and how to enjoy your big wedding day without letting it consume your life and happiness leading up to it. Enjoy!

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Happy Anniversary! It's been 6 years of this wild ride called marriage so naturally Elizabeth and Andy discuss balls (of the felt variety), shoplifters, and death. Then they answer listener questions about racist costumes, where to live in LA, how to humor a funny guy boss, whether to continue a friendship that feels null and void, what's the best place to start if you want to rescue a dog (yay!) whether or not to buy a baby gift for a porn star you've been enjoying (love this one!) and lastly, our first ever question about a conflict - we hear from both sides of the story and discuss! Enjoy!

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