Totally Married

Elizabeth and Andy discuss his recent misunderstood behavior that doesn't shine him in the best light before answering listener questions about dealing with a difficult sister in law when traveling, financial responsibility with dog ownership, what to do about an invitation to a disastrous wedding, how to move on from a devastating break up and remain a good friend to those who are in happy relationships, what to do about a friendship that has gone south when you are owed money, and lastly, how do Elizabeth and Andy navigate meals when they have such different tastes/diets? Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss his recent attempt to reconcile what's going on in photos of him and whether or not he is as good looking as he thinks he is (he is, says Elizabeth!) plus answers to listener questions about finding human contact and attention with someone when you aren't looking for a serious relationship and are shy by nature, how to support a great boss who is newly pregnant, what to do for a husband who is incapable of using public restrooms, how to navigate getting rid of unwanted roommates who are also your friends, and how to move on from the hope of a relationship that never panned out the way it was supposed to? Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss why she embarrassed him in their class as well as Andy's recent foray into the world of virtual assistants before they answer listener questions about what's "Totally" about Los Angeles, how to be there for a friend who clearly has major reservations about her relationship, what to do about those old "circus friends" of yours when your life has taken a different path, and lastly, do men only love bitches? What's up with that? Enjoy!

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It's the first hour long episode of Totally Married! Elizabeth and Andy check in about how her NY's resolutions have already taken a hit, as well as discuss other insecurities before giving their unqualified advice to listener questions about whether or not to suggest to a long time friend/hook up buddy to take things to the next level, what to do when your boyfriend shows signs of an alcohol problem, and how to deal with a spouse who showed up empty handed at Christmas. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year Laimeweds! Andy and Elizabeth discuss their New Year's resolutions as well as drop a big FYI bomb - they are drinking their own kool aid! (and it tastes great!) Plus listener questions about dating when you're introverted, how to connect with your partner when there seems to be little communication, and lastly and particularly powerful (mwah ha ha) question about flatulence! Wishing you all a fantastic start to 2014 -  Enjoy!

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