Totally Married

Happy Thanksgiving Laimeweds!! Elizabeth and Andy discuss gratitude, St. Louis style pizza (who knew?!) versus Chicago versus New York, choosing to do something you love for a living versus something that pays the bills, how to handle a disintegrating relationship with a step father when your mother is sick, and what is the best way to network for a new job in a new city when you don't know anyone there? Enjoy!

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E and A discuss the possibility of communication from the beyond thru the billion dollar conglomerate that is Facebook before answering listener questions on whether or not to compromise on a New Years Eve trip, what to do when boyfriend/girlfriend both have twin beds, how to navigate a best friend pulling away, and what to do in a marriage when things look bleak and there's little hope for change. Enjoy!

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E and A discuss a friend's recent choking scare which leads to all sorts of fun discussion about horrible things happening! Then they give their unqualified answers to listener questions about having in laws wear out their welcome and how to address that with your spouse, how to make new couple friends, and a VM about what to do when your best friend is dating someone who is no beuno. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy check in after a day long Motherhood retreat for Elizabeth and a bad start to the day for Andy that involved Ruby jumping on his balls. Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about how to help a partner who has crippling fear of flying, what to do when your brother in law is portraying bizarre bathroom behavior during family trips, how to handle a father's infidelity, and what to do when you and your spouse disagree on where to live. Enjoy!

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After a quick check in at the studio, Elizabeth and Andy address some hilarious follow ups before answering listener questions about letting your girlfriend know you think she's super beautiful even if she doesn't believe it, how to create more meaningful female friendships when a girl is more comfortable around men, how to handle the super frustrating trying-to-get-pregnant "two week wait" and lastly, how to deal with a friend who has cut ties due to your good news. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss an article that illustrates why Andy might not be wired for fatherhood (uh oh!) before diving into giving their unqualified advice/answers to listener questions about setting boundaries with an annoying roommate, how much sex is normal in a relationship, what to do about a friend who creates drama everywhere he goes, and how to develop more meaningful friendships that will meet you halfway instead of you putting in all the effort? Enjoy!

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E and A stumble into some female versus male fantasy talk before discussing listener questions about not wanting to leave your baby with your mother in law, how to deal with in laws that are excluding and hurtful, how to avoid a disaster at a wedding when the families are completely different and there are a few live wires, and lastly is a long term friendship worth the investment because of the length of time even if you've grown apart and have differing views? Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy describe how they scared the bejeezus out of each other today as well as why Andy is having terrible fears of killing their child before they dive into some interesting questions about quitting smoking, whether or not crushes are okay outside of a relationship (and if so, how to deal with them,) what to ask of a marital counselor when your partner won't go with you, how to cope with a husband and best friend who hate each other's guts, and lastly: What's a girl to do when she wants more of the booty call?! Enjoy!

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