Totally Married

Elizabeth and Andy give a brief update on Ruby - she's on the mend after surgery, yay! Then they discuss listener follow ups including one that involves THE WORST way we've ever heard of someone finding out they've been cheated on, as well as answer listener questions about inexperience in your twenties, if friends of spouses are off limits in an open relationship, how to be there for a friend and yourself after a traumatic event, and lastly, some good ole fashioned maid of honor drama!  Enjoy!

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Oh no! Ruby isn't feeling too well which is bumming her parents out on this fine holiday, but they soldier on and answer listener questions about moving away from NYC, how to handle friendship breakups, how to let go of people not liking you, and an Andy-specific question about lyric writing contents - yay or nay? Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy discuss their endeavors to get fit before diving into listener questions about how to convince a sibling to come out to your parents, whether to pursue a crush that lives in a different city, and what to do when you suspect dad is cheating on mom. enjoy!

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They're back from vacation and ready to roll, discussing their recent discussion about the pull out method as well as answering listener questions about Mother's day when you are mother-less, feeling out whether marriage is on the horizon, whether or not women and men can be friends without sexual tension, and a particularly stumping question about continuing to date someone when the sexual spark just isn't there. Enjoy!

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It's Elizabeth and Andy's second podcast from the paradise that is Cayucos! They discuss how Andy was "spotted" on the tour of Hearst Castle as well as what gave Elizabeth a moment of utter bliss. Then they dive into listener questions about crate training a new pup, handling the topic of depression with family members, how to spice up a ho-hum sex life, how to inject a little light-hearted fun into a stressful marriage, and lastly, HICKIES!! Enjoy!

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E and A are on vacay! Podcasting from The Cass House Inn in Cayucos, CA, they discuss their hilarious experience in a tourist attraction before answering listener questions about taking an old relationship back on, how to deal with highschool relationships, and how to be supportive when a friend is making a potentially terribly bad relationship decision.

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This episode launches with Elizabeth's latest good vibes as well as a wee bit of nagging regarding Andy's latest golf goof. After a few follow ups, they answer listener questions about procrastinating, doggy jealousy red flags, changes that come with baby, and lastly, that age-old important question: To Rabbi or not to Rabbi? Enjoy!

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Andy and Elizabeth dive into the ever interesting hot debate topic of whether an omelette is the way to go or is a scramble to ultimate egg dish?! They also discuss listener questions about what to do when a long time friendship sours, whether or not to take his last name, how to discuss questionable parenting with a sibling, how to approach the sensitive subject of lack of sexual enthusiasm in marriage, and offffff course: WOMEN & ORGASMS! Enjoy!

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E and A read through what might be the funniest 30 day marriage challenge of all time, before launching into a discussion about light things like religion and creepiness. Then they discuss listener questions about comedy writing, differences in philosophies between spouses, bed time conundrums and how to cope when your Mom is suddenly racist. Enjoy!

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