Totally Married

Elizabeth and Andy discuss their recent podcast snafu - do not leave notes with bank tellers! Elizabeth also discusses what kept her awake with anxiety last night before answering listener questions about depression, splitting chores, the "dreaded" first year of marriage and a particularly entertaining email regarding concerns about having a baby. Enjoy!

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Andy and Elizabeth ponder many of life's biggest questions regarding blood and farts before listening to the first ever voicemail follow-up and answering listener questions about new moms in the workplace, how much conflict in a relationship is too much, how to get some depression meds, whether it's kosher to ask someone out while they're working, and how to get past some early relationship bumps with communication! Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy check in during a lovely lazy weekend before answering listener questions  - topics include what to call one's mate, confessions of a cheater, what to do in the Lou (St. Louis!) and when it's time to get a new cat. Also discussed is what to do when your sister marries evil itself, and an extremely urgent question from a highschool laimewed about... (wait for it)... PROM! Enjoy!

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The Santa Ana's are blowing through Silverlake, causing some weird emotional issues to spring up for Elizabeth while Andy stays cool as a cucumber. They also discuss listener question about getting over a potential con-girlfriend-type, when's the right time to think about engagement, establishing boundaries in friendships, and in the words of the great One Republic's Ryan Tedder: Is it too late to apologize? (is it ever?) Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy are nursing their hangovers after a birthday/wedding weekend, so naturally they attack some light subjects such as prostitution, mental illness, family boundaries, and some good ole fashioned should-I-ask-her-out scenarios for good measure. Enjoy!

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In Andy's pre-birthday episode, E and A discuss listener questions and feedback as well as dive into the controversial email Andy received from his friend proclaiming that getting kicked in the nuts is definitely more painful than childbirth?! Don't forget to tweet at Andy on Friday April 12th for his birthday (@DrRosenRosen) and Enjoy!

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Today is Ruby's birthday so Andy and Elizabeth discuss the festivities as well as answer listener questions about dating as a teen, whether or not it's necessary to police our fantasies and if threesomes are good... or great! (to quote a writer - inner :) Enjoy!

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E and A revisit some of last night's pillow talk as well as answer a listener voicemail about whether to divorce or not after infidelity and how to let your friends help you in the game of love! Enjoy!

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It's Easter Y'all, so Elizabeth is juuuust a bit tipsy as she and Andy discuss social endeavors as well as answer listener questions about getting along with the boyfriend's family, and staying in a relationship with an ex girlfriend. Also, CAT TALK!! Enjoy!

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