Totally Married

Andy finally shares the story of how he proposed in this episode! After that, we dive right into listener questions about calling each other out in public, and how to navigate the holidays both financially and emotionally. Enjoy!

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What phase is your relationship in? Andy and Elizabeth attempt (poorly) to break it down and answer listener questions about fertility, passion, and proposals. Enjoy!

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It's our first remote podcast and in true Vegas spirit we address gratitude, infedelity, and $$$ honey! Enjoy!

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Sometimes in marriage as in life, things get hard. Today's episode addresses some of these times after Elizabeth's had an emotional day and our questions point to the tougher times. We all have them, we might as well get through them together!

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Andy's a sick pup today so Elizabeth and him discuss how sickness should be handled in marriage and in their future. They also address listener questions about bullying, sex, and how to move on. Enjoy!

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Today is all about staying positive! Elizabeth and Andy discuss how they can use a little help in that department - In life and love. The positivity spills over into our listener questions about wanting to stay un-married, love and money, and how to make long distance work. Enjoy!

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What do our dreams mean? In this ep, Elizabeth and Andy try to tackle this question as well as answer listener questions about calling "dibs" in dating, making friends in a new city, not liking your friend's significant others, and oh yeah... the miracle drug that is CIALIS!!! Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Andy tackle the idea of choices and how they relate to gossip and negativity. Also, listener questions about family and supporting a friend through grief are addressed as well as the precarious balance that is gift giving! enjoy!

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