Totally Married
155 - Don't Be A Trash Bag!

In this 3-parter episode (broken up in chunks due to a power outage and a crying baby - sorry!) Elizabeth and Andy discuss their latest foray into "the good life" (A chef! Pilates! Central Air! Oh wait, nevermind) before diving into listener questions about division of labor amongst couples (how do I get him to do anything?!) whether or not it's appropriate to share this filthy podcast with a respectable female friend, whether or not Andy and Elizabeth still share their one gratitude a day with each other, if a relationship is moving too fast when it's happening before the previous divorce is final, how to reconnect with a dad who has a new ball and chain, and then a doozy of a question about a husband who might not be willing to stay in the relationship if the wife is unable to conceive. Enjoy!

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